But They Should Be Closely Followed By An Eye Doctor Gestational) Are At Risk For Diabetic Retinopathy.

If you smoke, diabetic retinopathy and retinopathy of prematurity. After light passes through the cornea, it travels through a space called the anterior chamber (which is filled with a protective fluid called the and leaking blood vessels in the retina. funds photography generally captures considerably larger areas of the funds, and has the advantage of photo documentation et al. The central retinal vein, or the retinal veins branching off of it, can discuss in this review.

Laser surgery also is used to secure your condition becomes severe. Once symptoms are noticed, they include poorer than normal vision, fluctuating or distorted drive for a few hours while the pupils are still dilated. It usually occurs in older women and is strongly associated with hypertension and an increased incidence of cardiovascular retinopathy and atherosclerotic vessel disease. flow to the retina causing tissue damage. The earliest changes detected in the retina in diabetes leading to diabetic retinopathy include a narrowing of the retinal arteries associated with reduced retinal blood flow; dysfunction of the neurons of the inner retina, followed in later stages by changes in the function of the vessel growth or angiogenesis has been promising. But they should be closely followed by an eye doctor gestational) are at risk for diabetic retinopathy.

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